How does TXT Happy work?

Everybody loves a special offer. Especially from a business they already use and trust.
Use TXT Happy to send your customers text messages containing special offers to generate sales.
With TXT Happy your followers have specifically requested to hear from you, so responses are often huge!

1. Join TXT Happy

Join and we'll provide you with your own TXT Happy URL, which is unique to your business.

2. Build Your Followers

Have you customers visit this URL and enter their mobile number, they're then automatically added to your list of followers.

3. Send your Special Offers

Enter a special offer into our website. Schedule a time/day to send. Then sit back and relax. We'll do the rest. Sending your offer as a text message to all your followers.

4. Watch the Sales Roll in

Have your customers redeem their special offer by showing their text message at a point-of-sale or entering a promo-code into your website.

They're Your Customers... Make them happy!

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